The Big Horn Bison Auction warrants its breeding bulls to be physically sound (correct legs, frame and stature without injury) at the time of loading onto the transport to the buyer’s location. Complete responsibility, risk of injury and/or death transfers to the buyer upon loading onto buyer’s transport. Big Horn Bison Auction warrants fertility of the bull (defined as a bull having a reproductive tract free of anatomical and semen abnormalities with normal sperm morphology and motility for bison bulls of that age class) up to June 14th of the current year upon completion of the following conditions.

1) Breeding bull buyers must fertility test purchased bulls at their expense between May 1 and May 31st of the current year by a third-party licensed veterinarian. If the bull fails the initial fertility test, Big Horn Bison Auction official veterinarian must be notified immediately and a follow-up fertility test will be scheduled with and administered by a mutually agreed upon independent veterinarian within 21 days of the initial test or by June 14th of the current year. Copies of all tests (including both the initial and follow-up fertility exams) and verification of the animal's 18-digit ID will be provided to the Big Horn Bison Auction official veterinarian.

2) The follow-up test will be paid by Big Horn Bison Auction and the results of the follow-up test will be immediately forwarded to Big Horn Bison Auction’s official veterinarian.

3) If the bull fails the follow-up fertility test and as a result is determined to be unsuitable for breeding purposes, the bull will be returned to the closest Big Horn Bison or a mutually agreed upon location with ownership of the bull reverting to Big Horn Bison. A full refund of the purchase price will be issued within five business days to the buyer of record.

If the buyer chooses not to fulfill the above conditions, Big Horn Bison Auction does not warrant the fertility of any breeding bull and no refund will be given if later fertility tests are deficient. Big Horn Bison Auction will not provide a replacement breeding bull that has failed two consecutive semen tests in the specified time and has been determined to be unsatisfactory for breeding purposes. The warranty is for full monetary refund only.

All buyers of Big Horn Bison Auction breeding bulls must sign a statement acknowledging Big Horn Bison Auction’s Breeding Bull Guarantee at time of payment. Online buyers will sign a statement via DocuSign. In-person buyers will sign a statement upon conclusion of the auction.


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